Maglev wind turbine CXF-1000W

Maglev wind power generator design comes into the world  , it is TYPMAR scientific and technical personnel that  integrate design, Utility Design, Electrical Engineering, Power mechanics, Air atmosphere,

Engineering, Wind tunnel fractional disciplines , and adopt magnetic levitation technology theory, work with no mechanical friction in the motor case.

TIMAR technology wind solar hybrid lighting system concludes the following application types: Wind solar hybrid street lighting system;

Wind solar hybrid power system for correspondence station; Wind solar hybrid lighting system for factory;

Wind solar hybrid house power system;

 1000 w maglev turbina 2 ecologico 2 led Energia Eolica super turbina de energia eco sky power solutions energia alternativa sustentavel ecologica renovavel excelente imagem

❖   Description


Rated Power:1000W

Wind wheel diameter:2.40M/2.34M Weight:188KG

Blade Material: Aluminum Alloy The number of blade:3

Minimum wind speed start:1m/s Minimum power wind speed:2m/s Minimum charge wind speed:3m/s Rated wind speed:13m/s

Maximum cut off wind speed:15m/s Resistant to wind speed limit:60m/s The type of Generator:

Three-phase AC maglev wind turbine Controllor outputvoltage:48 V Controllor output current:50Amp

Controllor brake system: Over speed automatic Three-phase short-circuit braking Normal operating temperature:-30~50 ℃



Our productions apply new technology of Maglev Theory to get the target of Few friction to improve performance of the wind turbines:

  1. It can work in lower wind speed as 1.0m/s and far less than traditional one >3.0m/s.
  1. It can improve 35% higher performance than the traditional
  2. It can add working time of turbine 1,000 hours annually more than the traditional
  1. It is the most ideal renewable energy supply .
  1. More safety, stronger vertical axis, and less
  1. It can connect to grid system or be an off-grid system,

can be combined with solar modules, hydro-generator, or a diesel generator into a hybrid system.

A-Darrieus wind turbine


Darrieus wind turbine once used to generate electricity on many Islands。

The Darrieus wind turbine is a type of vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) used to generate electricity from the energy carried in the wind. The turbine consists of a number of aerofoils usually–but not always–vertically mounted on a rotating shaft or framework.

The Darrieus type is theoretically just as efficient as the propeller type if wind speed is constant. At beginning, his efficiency is rarely realized due to the physical stresses and limitations imposed by a practical design and wind speed variation. However, Maglev technology perfect it . Even from extreme wind conditions, The Timar maglev wind generator protects three darrieus blades and, and braking system with over speed automatic Three-phase short-circuit braking function.

B- Maglev wind turbines

The innovation of Magnetic levitation wind turbine, it refers to many aspects, Such as scientific appearance, applied consideration, electrical engineering, power machinery, Atmospheric Science, wind tunnel experiment, magnetic levitation technology, computer-simulated fractional disciplines, among which Maglev wind turbine is nearly perfect one. Under the light theory of magnetic levitation technology, fan motor will be rotated by wind power without any mechanical friction. Since the generator has no lubricant and no gear, the Magleve wind turbine are high-performance power generation, smooth operation, which is a milestone for a new age of power technology.


Different    Items

Darrieus Wind Turbine

Savonius Wind Turbine

Darrieus – Savonius Hybrid Wind Turbine

Blades Quantity Two or three or more Two blades Three or five blades
Practical Design at Starting NO easily working , No Self-starting at lower wind speed no pointing mechanism, low rpm applications, Self-starting easily at lower wind speed RPM :180-220
Construct type lift-type Darrieus rotor providing main power a drag-type Savonius rotor providing starting power Work easily because of Maglev generator regardless of the wind direction
Starting wind speed Higher starting wind speed Lower starting wind speed with lower efficiency Lower starting wind speed with good efficiency
Braking System mechanical  brakes mechanical  brakes Short-Circuit Braking system
Performance In Typhoon Creasy turning NO PROTECTION Damaged    Easily Returns to regular Work after 5 Min braking


1- Wind Solar Hybrid LED Street Lamp System

2- Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Telecom Station

3-Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Station Customized

4- Maglev wind turbine CXF-300W-12V/24V and Controller 12/24V 20Amp

5- Maglev wind turbine CXF-400W-12V/24V and Controller 12/24V 20Amp

6- Maglev wind turbine CXF-600W-12V/24V and Controller 12/24V 20Amp

7- Maglev wind turbine CXF-1KW-48V and Controller 48V 50Amp

8- Maglev wind turbine CXF-3KW-48V and Controller 48V 130Amp

9- Maglev wind turbine CXF-3KW-96V and Controller 96V 130Amp

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