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Maglev wind power generator design comes into the world, it is scientific and technical personnel that  integrate design, Utility Design, Electrical Engineering, Power mechanics, Air atmosphere, Engineering, Wind tunnel fractional disciplines, and adopt magnetic levitation technology theory, work with  no mechanical friction, no gear  in the motor case.

Installation:   Easy Installation: System can be assembled in under an hour without any welding Single or multiple unit connections for greater energy generation. Easy connection with PV systems

Design:​          Gear-free design: No need to replace worn-out or broken teeth Brushless: No motor brushes that are high failure items and need replacements regularly Bearing-free design: No need to lubricate or to replace worn-out bearings Floating magnet design: reduces rotational resistance to enhance electricity generation and extend turbine life. No yaw or furling mechanism required, what allows for peak power output at any wind speed. No cogging torque for cutting-in at low wind speed;

Direct-drive: Extends product life;

Blades can start rotating at a mere wind velocity of 2.2 mph (1 m/s);

Space-saving, aerodynamic airframe;

Heavy duty, industrial-quality construction;

Control:         Intelligent control system with active protective functions to automatically lower rotational speed during strong winds remote monitoring available to monitor and assess data and equipment performance.


Benefits maglev VAWT in comparison to a propeller wind generators:

  • higher efficiency than the propeller blades   works even in turbulence;
  • visually pleasing appearance and rotation of the blade;
  • quiet or almost minimal acoustic noise;
  • movement of the blades even in low wind 1m/sec;
  • turbine construction is resistant to gale 160km/h (100MPH);
  • designed for mounting on mast, straight or saddle area;
  • design: aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass;
  • direction of rotation by earth hemisphere using Coriolis force;
  • half design against vane turbines, with the same power;

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Conheça abaixo nossos produtos para ENERGIA EÓLICA:

1- Wind Solar Hybrid LED Street Lamp System 

2- Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Telecom Station

3-Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Station Customized

4- Maglev wind turbine CXF-300W-12V/24V and Controller 12/24V 20Amp

5- Maglev wind turbine CXF-400W-12V/24V and Controller 12/24V 20Amp

6- Maglev wind turbine CXF-600W-12V/24V and Controller 12/24V 20Amp

7- Maglev wind turbine CXF-1KW-48V and Controller 48V 50Amp

8- Maglev wind turbine CXF-3KW-48V and Controller 48V 130Amp

9- Maglev wind turbine CXF-3KW-96V and Controller 96V 130Amp

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