Wind-Solar Hybrid Power Station Customized

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Quick Detail:

  1. Name :CXF-1000 Vertical Axis Maglev Wind Turbine (4)
  2. Application :Wind Solar Hybrid System for Power Supply
  3. Color: Red & blue, Sliver and customerized


The system consists of maglev vertical axis wind turbine, solar panel, smart wind-solar hybrid controller, battery tank and inverter. The system features many advantages of neither public power supply needed nor cables laid down, anywhere for installation, and convenient to relocate in case of needs. It can provide power supply continuously for 3 days under neither wind nor sunshine. The maglev wind turbine is of Gyro-type stable structure and nice appearance. The magnetic levitation technology and wind solar combination makes the system generating power high efficiently and stably. The system is suitable for such extensive applications as emergency rescue, remote area, islands, provisional communication, and etc.Shenzhen TYPMAR Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company in the development, production and sales of maglev wind turbine. The company is able to boast a complete solution to wind solar hybrid power system and integrated approach with design, engineering, production and all support services.

We’re about 50% more efficient than any other grocery store in small wind turbine market due to magnetic levitation technology used in our wind turbines.

Main Features:

  • Magnetic levitation technology
  • Independent of the direction of the wind
  • Startup at low wind speed of 1m/s
  • Higher efficiency compared to traditional HAWT
  • Works even in turbulence
  • Visually pleasing appearance
  • Turbine construction is resistant to gale 60m/s (132MPH)
  • Robustness and adaptation to all possible environmental conditions thanks to material of aluminum alloy or stainless steel
  • Design life: at least 20 years

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